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March 23, 2015

KC Motor Company Rocks
By A Graham from Brevard, NC
KC motor Comapny provided an Unbelievably Fantastic Buying Experience! Mr. George Williams was great to work with. Had never met the gentleman before calling him up about the Cars.com ad for the Tahoe, but from the first email response and phone call to the delivery of the vehicle and paperwork it was a fantastic buying experieince. The pictures on line were accurate of the vehicle and were not photoshopped nor cropped to hide anything. Mr. Williams offered to do a walk-around of the car prior to final purchse and he accurately portrayed the vehicle telling me of some defects and areas of minor wear.They offered a 3mo/3Kmi warranty that gave me the extra confidence that I was getting a quality used vehicle. They also worked well with my UShip transporters to bring the vehicle to my door step 500+miles away and when something in the vehicle, the headphones for the dvd system were left at their facility, I contacted Mr. Williams and he quickly responded apologizing and said he  would send them quickly. I will use them again and would recommend them to anyone. I hope to buy my next vehicle from KC Motor Company when the time comes for me to buy another set of wheels. Would recommend them to all who are in the market for a used vehicle.
Rating from A Graham

February 12, 2015

Steve & George;
     Hi guys!  Just got back in from a nice drive in my Shelby GT500 and remembered that I hadn't sent you a "thank you" for such a great experience in buying a pre-owned car from your dealership.  I'm still amazed at the easy-going, honest, up-front treatment I received from both of you. I really appreciated meeting and dealing with gentlemen that reflect a great image for your business.
      I can hardly believe the beautiful weather we've had over this last winter. When I bought this car from you around Christmas, I thought it would sit in my garage for three months, but low and behold I've already put about 500 miles on this great machine.   I have since contacted the previous owner and spoke with him for about an hour, and just as you and George expected, the car had been "babied" and stored in his climate-controlled lower garage for the time that he owned it.  The original owner has not responded, but I have spoke with the original (Tennessee) selling dealerships' parts manager who had ordered and installed the Ford Racing upgrades.   It was a special order car with no stripes and no options ( definitely a "sleeper" look) that had the performance upgrades installed immediately by the dealership and then shipped to the owners' Florida (winter) home, before returning to the Nashville area in the spring, later to be sold to the second owner whom I spoke about earlier.  Just thought you guys might like a little history on the super clean car you sold me.
      Once again, THANK YOU for such a smooth and easy transaction, and I will definitely keep you in mind when I'm in the market for a pre-owned car in the future.  I have already spread the word about KC Motor to several people who have asked me where I bought such a nice, clean, older car.  I hope 2015 is a good year for your dealership and to both of you personally!!
Sincerely,   Greg Wood
                    Overland Park,  KS

March 26, 2014

Blake and the staff at KC Motor Co have gone above and beyond my expectations for service. Blake is a stand up business owner that others should model their businesses after. I recommend them to anyone I know looking for a car.Thanks Blake! 

Tracy McCullough

 January 20, 2014
My husband and our boy traveled over 600 miles each way this past weekend to do business with Mr. Glenn. They can't say enough about how well they were treated and we couldn't be happier with the new Chevy Duramax. Every step of the process was seamless and our expectations were exceeded in every way. The next time we are in the market for a vehicle, we will definitely contact Mr. Glenn first. It was well worth the drive! Anyone in the market for a new or used vehicle would do themselves a favor by first contacting KC Motor Co.

Vanessa Mosley

January 18, 2014

Purchased a Yukon XL 4x4 in December - online purchase - traded a truck to them of which they arranged all transportation for the trade-in. Dealt soley with Blake and George - a flawless experience - even though I live 1100 miles from the dealership, when it is time to replace my wife's Nissan Altima, I will most certainly give Blake a call to see what he can find for her. I have bought several cars, trucks and motorcycles over the past 30 years and the experience with KC Motor Company was one that left quite an impression - if my 17 yr old could have figured out how to slide the Porsche 911 into the back of the Yukon, he would have. Bottom line: Great guys to deal with, a very nice selection of cars / trucks - very honest. When Blake walked into the back detail shop with Wranglers, boots and a Cabela's hat, I felt very comfortable.

Jeff Bray

November 18, 2013

Guys:  thanks for having everything ready when we got there Saturday – that was, by far, the easiest car buying process EVER.   We are thrilled (so far) with the vehicle we purchased – the pictures were certainly an accurate reflection of the condition of the vehicle.  Appreciate the numbers already being worked before we even walked in the door.   You can rest assured that the next time we need another vehicle, we will most definitely be purchasing that vehicle from KC Motor Co.

Troy Scarlett

March 18, 2013

Car Buying the right way.
Recently, my wife and I purchased a 2006 Jeep commander from K C Motor Co.  I want you to know how much we enjoyed Blake and George's professional approach to making us feel at home in purchasing a car. From the moment we met George, their was no high pressure sales tactics you see at most car dealerships. We first drove the Jeep, on a very cold Monday morning. The test drive allowed us to take our time to see what the jeep had to offer. When we returned,  I asked George if we could pull the Jeep inside the showroom for a closer look, since it was so cold outside. My family examined the Jeep for almost 45 minutes without any pressure from anyone at the dealership. We had been looking at a similar Jeep the day before that was privately owned, so this gave us plenty of time to compare the two vehicles. We told Blake and George our concerns about their Jeep and was told all issues would be taken care of. We decided to go back the next day for a second look at the Jeep and also to check out a couple other vehicles on the lot. On the second day, there was still no pressure and we were left alone to decide what we wanted to do. I told Blake, we had narrowed it down to the privately owned Jeep and the one he had on their lot. We were never forced to make a decision. My wife and I decided to make a offer on the Jeep at KC Motor Co. I did a small amount of negotiating with Blake and we settled on a price. These folks treat customers the way car buying should be. I speak from experience. My father was a car dealer for over 65 years. I watched my dad let people make up their own minds without pressuring them or trapping them in a office for hours on end, just to make a sale and leave the customer angry for even shopping for a car in the first place.
In conclusion, my family was very happy with our car buying experience at KC Motor Co. It was the first time, I felt truly at home in a car dealershi other than my own father's dealership.

The Bennetts

February 17, 2013

Hi George sorry it took so long to let everyone know how great the experience i had and continue to have dealing with KC MOTORS. MY 2006 Yukon Danili is everything you said it is & more........it looks & drives like a dream..... this is the first time i have ever bought a vehicle online but probably won`t be the last......I had a problem with my rear heat and you treated me like family & had it fixed in no time.......You told me you would stand behind your vehicle and you didn`t let me down........you scored a perfect 10 in my book!!!!

William Cullens


January 31, 2013

Hi Blake:

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the personal attention you gave me when buying the Corvette Z06. This was the first time I have ever purchased a car from out-of-state, but from the very beginning, your professionalism and your easy going demeanor put me at ease.

The car was exactly as advertised and you took as much time as I needed to go over everything about the car including the best method of shipment to my home. If that wasnt enough, you observed the loading of my car on the transport to assure it was getting done without any issues. I also really liked that you kept me informed throughout the process including taking pictures of the car as it was being loaded. You and KC Motors blow away the stigma of how a lot of used car companies treat (mistreat) their prospective customers as well as misrepresenting their cars. My only wish is that I lived closer so I could continue buying cars from you.

Thanks again Blake

From a very satisfied customer,

Darrin Nepinsky


January 13, 2013

Hi George!

Bob delivered the 2011 and drove off in the 2003. He's a really nice guy. I offered to put him up for the night (didn't want him driving if he was tired) but he declined, wanting to drive as far as he felt ok to do so. I think he wanted to get at least as far as Glenwood Springs. The pickup is just what I wanted, George. And it's in great shape. Couldn't ask for more--thank you so much. And thank you for being Honest. None of the people at our local Chrysler/Dodge dealership even understand the meaning of truthfulness. They lose a lot of business--so many people tell me the same thing. I think you will be happy with the 2003. It's a beauty. I doubt you'll have any trouble selling it for a good profit. Let me know that Bob got back safe and sound--that's a lot of driving for one day--I wouldn't want to do it and probably couldn't. Thanks again. I'll tell friends about your website--and will leave your KC motor plate on the front of the pickup. best wishes david


September 1, 2012

I just wanted to thank George for an incredible buying experience today. Absolutely no pressure, and he went out of his way to make sure that everything was taken care of for me. This is the first time that I've purchased a car from this group, but I will definitely be back, and will make sure that my friends and co-workers know about this place also. Thank you so much George, you were great!

Jim Massey


Hi George!

Here's a picture of my new baby sitting in our driveway. :-) Isn’t she fantastic?!?

Thank you for taking such good care of us! Our buying experience was wonderful because you were very accommodating, friendly and didn't use any high pressure tactics. We really appreciated that, and will recommend you to our friends! Thank you, also, for the tin of fresh baked cookies. They arrived today and we're really enjoying them!

Best wishes to all of you guys!

David and Susan Elledge"


George- I wanted to thank you and everyone at KC Motor Co for your efforts and for working with us on our recent issue with our Tahoe. The issue has been resolved and the Tahoe is running great. Your efforts and dedication to our satisfaction has been fantastic. Even though my family and I just recently relocated to Nebraska, we are still in Kansas City frequently and we will not only be back to KC Motor Co for our next vehicle, but will continue to recommend your dealership to everyone that is in the market for a vehicle. You guys have a fantastic business that incorporates quality products, great customer service, and the personal component that everyone wants. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Kevin Nichols
Senior Manager


I want to thank Blake for an amazing experience buying my "new to me" Cadillac Escalade. The whole experience was easy & care free, you couldn't ask for two nicer guys. The entire staff was very professional and helpful. I'll send all my friends and family their way from now on, well worth the drive. To top it all off, they recommended the best BBQ we've ever had!
Very pleased soon to be return customers,

Don & Lisa Scott


Hey George and Blake, hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know I will be picking up the truck on Thursday around 9am. I would like for at least George to be there to shake his hand before I drive away. I appreciate what KC Motor Co. did for me in helping me get in this truck. You guys are a class act and I appreciated the non-aggressive approach and letting me decide on what I want. I'm also in "sales" if you will and I'm a very non-aggressive guy and my clients appreciate that more than being pressured. I've been looking for the right truck for almost 5 months now and glad I finally found it. With that being said if it's a bad one, it'll be back. haha. I know it's a good truck and will last me for a long time knowing how well I take care of my vehicles. I'll have everything you need when I arrive Thursday to get the truck so I'll just need the keys and gas to drive home.

Thanks again,



Outstanding. Phenomenal. Impeccable. Amazing. Uncanny. This is but a meager sampling of adjectives that barely begin to describe the quality of service you will receive from the team at KC Motor Company. But to truly understand their dedication to their customers, you must first understand our story.

While searching for our “perfect” vehicle, we stumbled upon KC Motor Company’s website. Yes, their location is three and a half hours away from us, but once we saw the 2007 Cadillac Escalade they had for sale, we knew our search had ended. After some informative back-and-forth emails and phone calls, we worked out a great deal on the Escalade, which included the trade-in of our vehicle at the time. Tony handled all the communications with class and never made us feel like we were asking bothersome questions.

We scheduled the following weekend to drive down and finalize the deal. During the week, we had a couple of conversations; one of which Tony advised he heard an odd noise coming from the front end of the Cadillac while driving it, but assured us they would fix the issue. Why would he share that with us when most used car dealers would likely hide the fact? He simply wanted to be as honest with us as possible. Later that week, he stated the noise was discovered to be a bushing needing additional lubrication. No more noise.

The day came for the three and a half hour road trip. We drove our trade-in down to finalize the deal and drive our “new to us” Escalade home. Our son, Kaleb, was just as excited as we were. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Blake. George was tied up with another customer, but did take a moment to come out and introduce himself personally and shake our hands. Blake took it from there and made us feel like we had been working with him the whole time. The transition between the two was flawless. Blake let us take the Caddy for a test run while he inspected our trade. Once we were done inspecting, he asked us what we thought of the vehicle. We mentioned that other than a couple of spots we would purchase some touch-up paint for, it was perfect. Blake immediately got a hold of their detailer, Todd, to do the touch up for us. We didn’t even ask! Todd was great, making sure we were happy with the areas he fixed. Needless to say, we were completely satisfied and ready for the journey back home. The finalization of everything was incredibly quick and efficient, yet we never felt rushed. As we departed, Blake and George shook our hands and continued to thank us for our business. Top notch all the way.

Approximately ten minutes into the ride home, the check engine light came on. We turned around and headed back to KC Motor Company. I explained the issue to Blake and he immediately jumped into action, assuring us whatever it was, they would get it taken care of. He stated he had no intention of sending a family on a road trip with a vehicle that could leave them stranded. He repeatedly apologized for the inconvenience and admitted he was embarrassed this had happened. They obtained their scanner from the shop and plugged it in to determine it was the throttle positioning sensor, all the while apologizing to us. You could see it in his eyes he was taken by surprise and did not like the inconvenience it placed on us. They instantly started calling local dealers to try to get the vehicle in. After talking with a certified tech, it was determined we could drive home without issue since the sensor only affects idle. Blake drafted up an agreement that they would take care of any costs associated with fixing that issue once we got it in at our local dealer. They reset the warning light with their scanner and off we were.

All was well, and the light did not come back on. But approximately fifty miles into the trip, a noise developed from somewhere in the front end area. Based on the description George had given me earlier in the week, it was the same noise they thought they had corrected. Other than that, the drive home was uneventful, and we appreciated all the other aspects of our “new to us” Escalade.

Once we got home, I sent an email to KC Motor Company (they were closed by then) letting them know we made it home safely, but explained the front end noise had returned. The next day (Sunday), I received a response from Blake stating he was glad to see we made it back, apologized further, and wanted us to take the vehicle into the dealership as soon as possible to address both the TPS and the noise. Come Monday morning, I received a phone call from Bill; KC’s parts guy. He asked that I pass along his information to the dealer so they could work directly with him and keep us from being a middleman. I didn’t even have to follow up. They were one step ahead of me and concerned things get addressed without any inconvenience to us.

In the end, they covered the servicing of the throttle body to address the TPS error, as well as covering the installation of a new front left shock to address the noise. For those not aware, Escalades have an electronic suspension system. Nothing is cheap, including a “simple” shock. They also covered the cost to replace some bulbs the dealer discovered as burned out. We didn’t ask or demand anything. They took care of it all without question. Absolutely amazing.

These are used vehicles. Anything can pop up unexpectedly. Nobody can predict what will happen when. KC Motor Company went above and beyond to ensure our experience was nothing short of stunning, even when it seemed the odds were stacking up against them. Any dealer can give you a good deal on a vehicle while treating you nicely when things go as planned. That should be expected and is simply a decent customer experience with little effort by the dealer. It is how a dealer handles a situation when an unexpected issue crops up that defines whether or not they can truly provide excellent customer service. KC Motor Company provides the best customer service we have received in a long time. Period. We will be recommending them to all of our family and friends, as well as purchasing future vehicles from them.

So to the guys… Blake… George… Bill… Todd… and the rest… thank you. Thank you for reassuring us that quality customer care does indeed still exist.


Brian, Michelle, and Kaleb


You folks have set a new standard for me regarding buying a pre-owned car!! We have only bought new for about 50 years. But our experience with you folks has renewed my faith in the process and we will also look to you all in the future. Rest assured, if we hear of anyone else looking for "pre-owned", we will point them in your direction!!!

Thank you again and God bless,

Ed & Georgia


KC Motor Co.,

Just a email to let you guys know how pleased I was with my recent purchase and the service that I received from your dealership. As you know I bought the 2009 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Diesel and it was everything that Blake described to me and more. Being 600 miles away and dealing on a vehicle that I could not see was very challenging for me but after talking to Blake numerous times he convinced me that it would be worth the trip and it was. I was amazed that the truck was detailed as clean as it was and heck it even had a full tank of diesel. When I'm ready to buy my wife a newer SUV I will be calling KC Motor Co., the six hour drive is worth the customer service alone. Thanks again, love the truck.

Chad D.

Oswego, Illinois


We will do business again in the future and we are recommending KCMotor Co to all of our family and friends. You guys truly made this the smoothest transaction ever. Your license plate frame matches both our vehicles and we plan to leave them on there.

Thanks for your help,



I like my car. I'm still pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. They always say wish upon a star and I do all the time and for once it came true. Thank you so much for the chance to experience the absolute best car buying of my lifetime. You guy's are top notch and I will be recommending you to everyone I know.

Thanks again and see you soon.



After more than a year of searching, I was excited to have found the car I had been searching for at Kansas City Motor Company. Only problem was that I don’t live anywhere near Kansas City KC…but rather Rapid City SD. I sent Blake an email early morning midweek and had a response that afternoon, we worked everything out and I was confirmed to buy the vehicle at a VERY fair price by Friday. I flew out the next week, KC Motors had arranged a car to pick me up at the airport and drop me off at their doorstep. The transaction was simple and quick, I test drove my new car to verify everything was as stated, which it was and more (also later verified by Vern Eide Mercedes in Sioux Falls SD)! After I finalized the purchase paperwork with George, Blake gave me a tour of the building and their amazing inventory of cars. From when I stepped foot inside, till when I drove off it, couldn’t have been more then 45 minutes. Not once did I feel pressured or uncomfortable; Blake, and George were very professional, knowledgeable and accommodating.

Big thank you’s to both of you!

Alex Chapman


Kansas City Motor Co. made purchasing a vehicle a truly easy and enjoyable process. The staff is curtious, professional, knowledgeable and very low pressure. I picked a vehicle on their website and drove it away the next day. I will definitely purchase another vehicle from Kansas City Motor Co.

Bryan Cardwell


I am telling everyone that I know that the only way to purchase a car is through Kansas City Motor Company. My experience was easy, no pressure, and no haggling with a salesman. I simply described the car and features that I wanted, the price I was willing to pay, and you did the leg work. Having the ability to communicate with you via email was convenient and efficient. When I came to pick up my vehicle, it exceeded my expectations. You even took it to the dealership and ensured the maintenance was up to date. I certainly appreciate your focus on the customer and will definitely contact you when I am ready to purchase another vehicle. Thank you very much for a very pleasant car buying experience. I LOVE MY Z4!

CJ Archer, Vice President of Operations, Archer Technologies


Working with KC Motor company was the easiest, most stress-free, car buying experience I have ever had. Now I have an awesome car that I love! I’ll definitely come back when I am ready to purchase my next vehicle.

Amanda Carver


After pricing comparable vehicles around the city of Omaha, NE I found a difference of around $5500 savings in the list price of the truck that I purchased. Even dealing with a few of the dealers that I have purchased from in the past, I could only get them down an addtional $2500. So that was well worth driving 500 miles round trip and spending the night in a motel to net out an addtional $2340 in savings after expenses. The quick turn around experience and great service made this a great deal and I felt good about KC Motor Co. making their profit margin. I will continue to buy cars from these guys at KC Motor CO.

Richard H Hudson


Thank you for accommodating us last night. I am sorry we made you stay after you close. I wanted to let you guys know I am so impressed with the transaction. I can’t believe how wonderful everything went. We found a much better car than we imagined we would. The price and financing were straightforward and much better than anywhere else I could find. I knew before I came out that I would be pleased but I had no idea it would be this easy and with no hassle whatsoever. I will be sure to recommend you all to everyone I know. I am considering selling my house and just living in the new car! Thanks again for taking such good care of me and my family.

Reed Ross


I was looking for a car for my son to use now and through his college years. I gave Blake the type of car and features we needed. Within no time, he found a car with everything we needed and a few extras. It was just what we needed and at a good price. Needless to say, my son was very excited. We met the rest of the KC Motorsports team when we picked up the car. They were very helpful, friendly and professional. The organization has a lot of experience and knows how to support its customers. They made sure that everything on the car was just right. Their focus on quality and the details was very impressive. They are building their company with right thing in mind -- long term customer relationships. I would certainly recommend them!

Greg Block


Just wanted to take time to tell you thanks for taking care of the issues we had with the Suburban. Barnes-Baker fixed everything we talked about and it is working great. It is good to know that there are still good people in this world that keep their word when doing business. Thanks again.

Keith Hartwig


Dear Blake,

I wanted to thank you for a fantastic buying experience at KC Motor Co. I appriciate the exceptional service and professionalism throughtout the buying process. I love my new Lincoln and am very and am very happy to tell everyone about KC Motor Co. Wishing you all continuing sucess with your business. You guys rock!

Eric Beatty


just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be happier with my new Yukon (new to me anyway). I am a stickler for customer service, and you guys knocked it out of the park! I thought QT (Quick Trip) was the last company in the world that knew what customer service was all about, but it seams as though KC Motor Co. has it figured out as well. I was also impressed by your knowledge and professionalism. When we got in the car to head home, my wife said she couldn't believe how quick we got out of there. She also remarked how clean and comfortable your show room was. I would recommend your firm to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. Keep up the great work guys, and thanks again.

Kirk Lundholm
Vice President
RCS Millwork, L.C.
807 Armourdale


Dear KC Motor Company:

This correspondence is in regards to the excellent customer service provided by Blake and Bill. As an infrequent car buyer, the staff at KC Motors made the process very easy and efficient. There was no pressure or coercion, and the owners were very knowledgeable related to numerous questions. The significance of fairness and integrity throughout the business was apparent. In addition, Blake and Bill were extremely accommodating and showed a sincere interest in my satisfaction even after the purchase was complete. My family and I are appreciative and enjoy the vehicle purchased at KC Motor Company. I would recommend this company to any potential car buyer and suggest that the KC Motor Company license plate remain in place…


Shaun Ippolito and Family